Social distancing and a national effort to #flattenthecurve have paralyzed the restaurant industry. Restaurants across the country are closed to prevent the spread of COVID-19. With bills to pay but no money to pay for them, many restaurants are unsure if they’ll be able to reopen.

Furthermore, no one knows what business will look like for restaurants even after reopening.

“[COVID-19] has eliminated the need to sit at a table for at least the next year,” said one person. Another person disagrees, “I’m going to be the first one at restaurants when they reopen!”

A quick straw poll asking “will you eat at restaurants once they open up again” had hopeful results: 80% answered yes. How this percentage will change as time goes on remains unknown.

The fluidity of COVID-19 on the restaurant industry and the population’s general dining behavior makes it impossible to anticipate how much business sit-down restaurants can expect upon reopening.

Something we at TableTab anticipate, however, is a demand for “contactless dining.” This is a dining experience where guests don’t have to touch physical menus or pass around credit cards or cash between themselves and the waitstaff.

A contactless dining experience takes away the need to touch physical objects already touched by other individuals. Providing contactless dining may incentivize restaurants’ business by promoting a more sanitary experience. Providing it as an option to guests may put restaurants in the best position to succeed upon reopening.

At TableTab, in addition to helping restaurants increase their bottom line, our service is designed to enhance the guest experience through personalization and efficiency. Today, we’re uniquely positioned to also facilitate a contactless dining experience that will further align with the needs of restaurant guests. We look forward to working with our restaurant partners and users to further apply the concept of contactless dining and understand the positive impact it can have for restaurants and guests alike.

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