According to the National Restaurant Association, over 50% of all adults have worked in the restaurant industry. Many of whom can confirm that being a server can be extremely grueling work. Between greeting tables, taking orders, running food, processing checks, and turning tables, there is a lot to be done. Most servers have 4 or 5 table sections, but with indoor dining restrictions loosening and the warm summer weather, many tables are occupied from the late afternoon all the way till the end of the night. Servers are constantly moving on their feet and rarely have enough time to craft a wonderful experience for your table. On top of all of this, the growing pains of the global pandemic make each conversation with the service staff another opportunity to spread the virus.

Enter contactless dining. Contactless dining is the latest trend in the exciting space of restaurant technology, and it is here to stay. Essentially, contactless dining puts a restaurant’s menu on one's mobile device, accessible via a QR code, and allows guests to order and pay from the phone. No clunky plastic menus, no listing the many tropical fruits you may be allergic to, and no waiting for the check when you’re done with your meal!

But, isn’t hospitality about people? Won’t my experience feel impersonal?

Yes, hospitality is all about people! Hospitality puts the guests needs front and center, but part of doing that is offering a solution, like contactless dining, that keeps guests and servers safe. Servers enjoy talking about the specials with guests and walking them through the delicious menu, but more than that, they enjoy the moment where they can see guests enjoying their food and having an amazing time. Through a contactless dining system like TableTab, servers no longer need to worry about taking orders and processing checks; instead, they focus on running food, turning tables, and most importantly, interacting with guests in a safe, personable manner after your food is served.

Contactless dining adds an additional layer of comfort to the dining experience and makes servers more efficient. Servers spend less time inputting orders into a screen, and more time connecting with the guests sharing a meal. Restaurants tend to be hesitant to introduce technology because they are understandably concerned that it may dilute a guest’s experience. At TableTab, we are here to assure you that it will not only fit seamlessly into the dining experience, but it will actually enhance the time a guest spends enjoying your delicious food.

By Samay Bansal